The Practice: An Introduction

Hi friends!

Last Tuesday we wrapped up our Scandal series talking about some of the ways the good news of Jesus was and still is offensive to religious people. If you missed any of those posts, you can always go back and read them. Here’s a handy set of links so you don’t have to dig through old posts:

  1. Scandal: The Baptism of Jesus
  2. Scandal: Jesus Returns to Nazareth
  3. Scandal: Jesus Eats with Sinners
  4. Scandal: Jesus Predicts His Death
  5. Scandal: Jesus Heals on the Sabbath
  6. Scandal: The Sign of Jonah
  7. Scandal: Jesus and John the Baptist
  8. Scandal: Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
  9. Scandal: Jesus and the Bible

Now that the series is over, I’m excited to announce I’m working on something new. Starting next Monday I’m starting a weekly series talking about the spiritual disciplines. The spiritual disciplines are 12 activities the Church has historically practiced as we attempt to become more like Jesus. These are things like prayer, fasting, silence/solitude, worship, and celebration.

Each post will contain a short explanation of the discipline and give a concrete way you can practice that discipline in the week to come. The spiritual disciplines don’t make us more like Jesus in themselves, but they help orient our hearts and lives towards God and put us in a position to be changed by him.

I’m calling these posts The Practice and they will come out first thing Monday morning. You can also subscribe to The Practice and get the post directly in your email, that way you can read it over your morning coffee to start the week. If you’re already subscribed to my other posts, no need to do anything else, you’ll already start getting The Practice on Monday.

I’m really excited about starting The Practice. I hope it helps you as you strive to live more in line with the way of Jesus.

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